About Stand Tall Media, LLC

Stand Tall Media, LLC, makes its home on California’s Central Coast and serves clients in all corners of the US. It is owned and operated by its founder, Dori Rota, and Lisa Verigin, who joined as a partner in early 2012.

Though we work for professionals and businesses in a variety of fields and on a variety of  platforms,  Stand Tall specializes in online media for the holistic health and wellness community.


Dori Rota, RDA earned her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from the University of Wisconsin, preparing her for a diverse and successful career in sales, marketing and management. Over 30 years, she has earned numerous achievement awards in the corporate sphere while effectively founding and developing two successful niche businesses. Her passion for alternative health choices led her to get involved with the movement to ban mercury in dentistry. As co-owner and webmaster of the well-known mercury toxicity resource TALKInternational.com, Dori has become exceedingly knowledgeable in the ways of that strange and wonderful place called The Internet.

Lisa Verigin, PhD has worked in health and wellness communications since 2004. Developmental editor for the award-winning book Yoga Calm for Children, she has extensive experience in website production, blogging, social media management, newsletter publishing and client education materials creation. Her work as a content provider is deeply informed by more than 10 years of work in all areas of her family’s biological dental practice: front office, lab and chairside. She holds an MFA in Creative  Writing from Georgia State University  and  a  PhD  in English from the University of  Nebraska.